Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930A Unlocked Smartphone, (Gold Platinum)


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Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930V-Factory Unlocked-Gold Platinum-(Verizon)-Excellent A+ Condition. This is an A+ Grade Conditioned Original non-refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7. This phone looks Brand New. This phone works for Verizon & T-Mobile. Please note: All of our phones are Original Samsung phones and are not refurbished in any way. Most of the refurbished phones out there have aftermarket parts that do not last, and lacks in quality therefore, they are cheaper to buy. Will not work with the Sprint Network including Boost, Virgin Mobile, Tracfone, AT&T. We ship Same Business Day. Because of the shipping carrier systems having problems we had to change it to 1 Business Day but we do ship Same Business Day. A+ Condition. Will work with the following carriers Worldwide including Verizon, Metro PCS, Cricket, T-Mobile. This phone operates GSM and CDMA both. Also Compatible with Ting. The only carrier it will not work with is the Sprint Network including Boost and Virgin Mobile, StraightTalk, Tracfone, AT&T. Clean ESN Excellent fully functional phone. No Locks. Doesn't have any scratches at all. This is an A+ Conditioned phone. This phone still looks Brand New. Just place your SIM card in and go. This phone is a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 for national as well as international use. We assure every customer that if you purchase a phone from us, it will not be reported lost/stolen, and will be ready for activation right away. We thank you for choosing us!
A+ Condition. Excellent function from the buttons to all components. Clean ESN. Activate service immediately without restrictions. Can be sold or traded for a higher amount when it's time to upgrade.